Hey guys. I never finished up my wedding posts. Been too busy makin the grades and whatnot.
I now have a link to our wedding highlights video by Kale Fitch, in high quality. That's what the new tab's all about, but you can just click here if getting into a new tab is an extra step you'd just rather not take. I understand. And in case the video is too high quality for your loading speed preferences, just turn off the HD in the bottom right corner. Some of you might even have fun trying to spot yourselves (*cough* Alyssa and Joe).

By the way, Kale Fitch is the man if you're thinking about doing a wedding video for your weddings-to-be. A wedding video was never on my priority list, but Kelsey from work talked me into and I will be forever grateful to her for it. Kale was there to film us outside the temple and at our reception. He gave us three videos on a CD (plus two extra copies of the CD to give our parents): a temple video, a reception video (about 12 minutes long), and a highlights video. Also, he has seriously awesome taste in music. I never requested a song for the backgrounds but it turned out way better with him choosing.

Fun coincidental fact: The menu background song on our wedding video CD is the song that Jared introduced me to in the first email he ever sent me, way back before we were dating. It's fate. You should definitely have a listen.
Now I'm going to go ahead and finish off the last wedding post.

Something Borrowed: Jared's grandmother passed away this past year, and she was a wonderful woman who Jared and the rest of his family were really close to. We wanted to include something about her in the wedding, and Jared's mother was kind enough to let us borrow her mother's beautiful pin. We put it on my bouquet wrap.
I had grand ideas for reception displays, but engagement is busy and it never happened. However, Jared and Julie helped put together this photo garland of mine and Jared's relationship. My beautiful BFF bridesmaids draped it on some bushes by "the line."
We hired a jazz trio to play at our reception because, duh, so much classy in a jazz trio.
I forgot to get a toss bouquet, so Julie ran and grabbed some flowers.
I don't think I even reimbursed her.
I owe her big time when her wedding comes around, because she saved me in so many ways that day.
Jared's youngest sister caught the bouquet.
Our first dance was spontaneous. Don't even remember the song, but Steph recorded 11 seconds of it so you can watch it here.
For our "getaway," we had guests line up and squirt us with tiny squirt guns as we ran from the house to our car. This idea came from a bishop who recommended we have a way to "stay in the safe zone" in regards to physical contact while we were engaged. His safety weapon of choice was the squirt gun because when he was engaged, he and his wife would come armed with one for every date so that if they ever got a little too kissy-kissy, they could shoot each other as a fun warning. We always kept a squirt gun nearby when we were engaged. And to be honest, I think it was the best way to leave because then instead of just shuffling away after we left, the guests turned on each other and a mini water-gun war erupted.
And that, friends, concludes the wedding posts series. I'll be putting them all in one convenient place in the Jared & Laura tab in case you ever have need to revisit them. Enjoy!

*all photos by Kate Benson


  1. Laura!! That was a lovely video indeed, plus also I found us, plus thanks for the tip. I also am a fan of that part where you get food and run away. And that part where Jared kisses you with vigor after you eat cake.

    We didn't do a wedding video and I think I am still ok with that, but it's hard to be sure after watching yours... :)

  2. Oh, Alyssa. You are so lovely. Thank you! Also, I think that your wedding sock bun was so awesome that it displaced any need for a wedding video. Seriously. Best wedding hair I've ever seen, and so you!



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