Hello, 90s.

This morning, my head popped off the pillow (really, it does this--I'm that morning person you all hate)
and thought, "Gee whiz, my husband comes home today! I'm going to make the place pretty and wear something besides sweats and a ponytail to pick him up in."
(Even though ponytails are his favorite. He tells me 5 times a day.)

"Pretty hair, pretty hair," I thought to myself. "How can I get pretty hair?"
And then it occurred to me. My crimper I loved in junior high school! I hadn't used it in ages.

How obvious! How inspired! How positively brilliant!
How do you like me now, husband?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love your posts so much.

  2. HAHAHAHAHHA! I love your posts so much.

  3. that face. i'd totally pull that. actually i know totally pulled it before haha. you're great.



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