Wedding Post, Part II

We were married in the beautiful Salt Lake LDS temple on July 6.
  It's a miracle we're married, what with both of us showing up to the temple about 20 minutes late.
I forgot to eat breakfast in the craziness of hair appointments and losing Jared's ring for a minute,
so I literally almost passed out during the sealing ceremony.
The cute little old lady helping me get ready was a diabetic, so she had a protein bar on hand.
Protein bars save weddings.
The temple sealing was, obviously, the best part of the day. It was so special!
The rest of the day felt surreal. Perfect, but surreal. Things were the same as always before,
but now Jared wore a wedding ring and I wore a new last name.

 Our photographer, as I've mentioned before, was Kate Benson.
We tried to be thrifty with most of our wedding plans (free venue, $275 dress),
but photography and videography were important to me, so we found exactly who we wanted and reserved them first thing.
Kate is instant friends with anyone she talks to, and she has an eye for beautiful places and angles and lighting. Basically, she's great at making people look good. It was so fun taking pictures with her,
and we're so impressed with how they turned out.

 After we took pictures around the temple and got just a little sunburned,
it was off to the luncheon.
Jared's parents hosted the most perfect luncheon I've ever attended.
It was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and the chicken lafayette was to. die. for.
The flower arrangements that Jared's mom and aunt put together were amazing,
and the slideshow was the best.
It was so great to spend some time with the people who are closest to us before we had to rush off to ready ourselves for the reception.

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