Happy Old Year

Valid Excuses Laura Could Make for Not Blogging:

1. Hands have been busy shoveling copious quantities of food into mouth
2. Attractive boyfriend diverts focus (oh, the stories I could tell)
3. Lack of stories about pants ripping

Actual Excuses for Not Blogging:

1. Too lazy
2. Forgot about existence of blog
3. Would rather be pwning noobs at board games

I found some pictures of stuff, so here's a blog post!

These are some envelopes I made my mother for Christmas.
I went to her Pinterest page and picked something from her "Craft" board.
Best plan ever.
Tutorial here.

This is my face after I went sledding and decided it would be a good idea to ditch the sled and use my bum.
It was.
Until my boots digging into the snow sprayed my face with freezing water.

Jordan ruining every single Christmas picture.
or maybe
Jordan enhancing every single Christmas picture.

Barbecue. Yum.

Well it's been real, but it's too cold to jog, so I'm defaulting to the need to go pwn some noobs at Plants vs Zombies.
I love you all!

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