Punday Monday

I have this super great roommate, Rachel. This is her face. And also a leaf:

Today when I got home from work, the apartment had this little nugget:
and smelled like Mrs. Field's kitchen. Turns out Rachel was just making a billion types of treats for Family Home Evening tonight. 

As she scooped out the last of the peanut-butter oatmeal chocolate-chip cookie dough, she announced she'd be leaving for a bit to take some cookies and treats to the people she works with.

"Wow Rachel," I said. "Best coworker ever award goes to you. That's why they pay you the big bucks."

"Oh, I know," she responded. "I'm rolling in dough!"

"No pun inteded" puns are the best type. Always.

And in other news, I invite you all to go buy yourself some ice cream on my behalf.
If you know what I mean.
Wink, wink.

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  1. hahaha :) i know what you mean ;) and now i want to go buy ice cream...



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