Backpacking Class

"And what did you learn from the reading, Garrett?" The teacher asked with an air of expectation.

"Um . . . I did the reading and it was really great, but I honestly can't remember learning anything new."

"Ok, that's fine! Are you going to maybe try packing your used toilet-paper out from the trip next week?"

"No; it happens to fall on a day when I don't poop."

"Ah, good planning."

And on that note, I present to you a favorite immature YouTube video.
(do not watch if you are eating something with food in it)
Please comment with yours as well. I'm always on the hunt.


  1. I thoroughly enjoy this youtube video...

  2. A recent favorite:

    Supes adorbs:

    And my possibly all-time fave, at least as far as I can think right now:

    Why do things like this just never get old??



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