What. Just. Happened.

Next time you see Laura, mock her for her lack of pocket-change and her inability to sleep in for the next 3 months. You might get slapped in the face, but you will feel good about it.

And then go drink a tall glass of soda and eat a mint-chocolate brownie, just because you can.

I will be at home. Going to bed early. Eating veggies and protein shakes and energy beans. Incapable of sleeping past 6:00 for fear of inadequate training resulting in DEATH.

Dear Laura,
Bucket Lists are idealistic, you fool!
Next time, ctrl-alt-delete out of the marathon page and make yourself a dang quesadilla.
It will be better for everyone.

I'm doing it for the kids, because everyone wants a 26.2-stickered minivan mom (not true).
I hope the children like embarrassing cliches, because I'm disconcertingly stoked out of my mind.

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