Simpleton Pleasure #10

The freeing feeling of driving cross-legged. My spirits were only dampened when I was halfway through running a red light and remembered why people sometimes use feet to drive.

And then I took a picture, which for some reason didn't improve my driving any.
Today I was struck with inspiration.

"Why do the elderly drive slowly?" I asked myself, seriously.

And then it came to me: The elderly drive slowly to stick it to the world. When I'm old, I'm going to drive at a painstaking pace with a big wrinkle-enhancing smile across my face so that my posterity may experience the same traffic-exasperations I have experienced. Why wouldn't our own grandparents do us the same service?

What a fantastic rite and privilege we have to look forward to.
I welcome prunes and dentures like an ELang major might welcome bad metaphors.

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