I met celebs. Beautiful, towering celebs.

This is what our bums looked like

 when we met these guys:

These are the beautiful star players of the BYU Men's Basketball team.
They walked up to us as we were whacking each others' bums with newspapers and started listing off common names.

"We have a pizza delivery. Is there an Emily here? Or a Rachel? Or a Sarah?"

"I'm Sarah," said my roommate, "but probably not the right one."

"No, it's you!" they insisted, "Who else is here?"




"Ya! You're the right ones! These are for you."

As they handed us the Pizza Factory pizzas and other coupons, Sarah and I silently hyperventilated while the rest of the group took the pizzas, confused. 
The others were visiting from BYU-Idaho, so they had no idea what was going on. One girl almost invited them to play with us.
We all regret that she held back.

"Is that a camera?" asked Charles Abouo.
"Looks like it," said Brandon Davies. "Here get a picture. You'll want it later."

They were right.

And this was the conversation when I got home:

Laura: Mom, I met Charles Abouo today.

Mom: Who's Charles Skabooboo?

Laura: Nevermind.


  1. Oh my heck. I am so incredibly jealous!!!!

  2. "Here get a picture. You'll want it later."

    He did not really say that, did he?

  3. Oh, he said it alright. I think he could tell most of us didn't recognize him. It should've come across as cocky. Instead, it came across as hott. With 2 t's.



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