See you in Hollywood

Today I had a movie moment.

Not like one of those great movie moments where the guy of your dreams saves you from a runaway bus and you bond over the smoothie he buys you as he takes the rest of the day off to make sure you're okay.

No, it was one of those uncomfortable movie moments when the main character confesses something because somebody asks her a question that leads her to believe they already know what she did, and she foolishly bears her soul to the would-be ignorant questioner while you scream at the screen, "Why are you an idiot??!!!?"

Holly is my supervising florist at work. Oftentimes I'm asked to spray-paint a specific type of flower navy for a specialty arrangement we do in school colors. We're supposed to do it outside, but yesterday Holly left early, so I kind of just did what seemed right at the time. Here's how today's conversation happened:

Holly: So Laura, I hear you have mad spray-painting skills?

Laura: [thinking I'd been discovered, and trying to explain myself] Oh. Yeaaaaahh . . . . . . um, so yesterday I kind of spray-painted part of a bunch of flowers back here. Then the fumes got really strong and I realized that probably wasn't a good idea. But it was windy outside! So I kept going, and eventually I figured I probably owed it to the future children of anybody coming back here to air out the place a bit. So then I went outside and finished, and when I came back in the smell was almost gone! We only got a like a little bit high, but I guess I probably shouldn't do that again. Ya.

3rd party student observer who knows exactly what's going on silently and fruitlessly tries to cut me off behind Holly's back.

Holly: Oh, so you spray-painted inside yesterday? I just didn't want to spray the flowers myself today so  that's why I asked about your mad skills. But . . . 

Laura: Uhhhhh . . . I'm just going to go outside now.

At which point Holly just laughed and I went to spray-paint outside by the main road, where attractive male passerby gawked at my strange bush-spraying-ness. Cheers.

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  1. I'm glad you have a nice boss. :D That happened to me yesterday when I almost deleted all of the music majors who are on missions from the database.



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