Put some milk in these Reese's Puffs

Have you seen this weather?

Today brought the first hike/trail run of 2012. In shorts!! And toe shoes!

During the summer, I'm something of a health and fitness advocate.

Really I always am, but it's easy for good intentions to get smothered when school envelops my thoughts entirely. Some people eat when they're bored; I eat when I'm so busy I forget that I've already eaten 3 times and it's not even noon yet. That's not an excuse, it's an actual occurrence from my life.
On that note, let's talk Daylight Savings (it relates, I promise).

Bad: Waking up at 6:00 to run shall no longer be classified as simply "obscene." Now we have bigger problems, like "so dark my reflector pants do me no good and I may as well go pantsless," "werewolves are still out and hungry for a high-calorie dessert," and "my head a'splode-neosis."

Good: It stays light for an extra hour at night, meaning that when I get off work and hold myself hostage in the library, it won't feel like a dungeon anymore . . .

Bad: . . . oh wait, ya it will.

Good: It feels like a new season (Utah will surely punish me for that one) and thus reason for a fresh start.

My Daylight Savings Fresh Start:

-Run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings

-Jog home each Wednesday after work

-Trail run once a week

-Core training after each run

-Avoid dairy like the plague 
(I'm lactose intolerant, but sometimes I have selective memory-loss on the matter)

-Don't buy food on campus unless it's the L&T half salad or the Legends' Grille breakfast of champions 
(for those days when I just need to take an extended gander at the student athletes)

-Taboo on refined carbs, carbonation, and sweets--they slow down my jogs

-Hydrate with 9 cups of water a day

-Sleeeeeeep; it's not as though I take in anything I read after midnight anyway

Fitness is my hobby.
Time is my foe.
I'll report how the battle rages next week.

p.s. I really am eating Reese's Puffs right now. Don't worry, my diet starts tomorrow.
(Our diet starts tomorrow.)

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  1. You are awesome!
    Also just last week i introduced Mimi and JJ to the Harvard boys will be girls video and we died laughing. You guys wanna split an ice cube or something? haaha!



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