Punday Monday & Other Tidbits

"I enjoy being tall. The only minor annoyance is that tall guys are harder to come by."

"Ya, but they're probably of a higher quality."

-Sarah Kay

World's Most Coolest People:
(together at last in a compact list)

1. President Monson
2. Arthur Read
3. Jan's little brother Everett
"So um, I read your blog, and I was wondering something: did you really shave your eyebrows?"

What I thought was a miraculously loaded cooler when I first began work at the flower shop:

What a miraculously loaded floral cooler actually looks like:
This is only the left side, and you can't even see the 12 buckets of tulips on the top left shelf or the 9 buckets of lilies on the bottom shelf. Valentine's Day is mind-blowingly awesome. 
We cleaned and processed 1200 roses in one hour. 
That's what's up.

Oh, and also I'm what's up. Since 4:30.
I have a team project due today.
Between my weekend and the next two floral days, I'll have exactly 6 1/2 minutes to do homework.
And I'm physically incapable of doing homework on Sunday.
So here we are.
Team Laura's blasting off agaaaaaaaaain!

*Feel free to leave a holla for my homeboy Jan.

Coastal Shotglass Collection: +1
Population of really great people in the Baltics: +1
Laura's supply of qualified Bananagrams competitors: Waning
The church is true, 
see ya in 2, 
you look like a monkey,
 and you spell like one too!

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