Then and Now

Then I didn't bother to change into real clothes for a webcam picture.
Then it was the craziest finals week ever.
Then I wore no belt. Scoff.
Then I had light blue fingernails.
Then Dottie was the awesomest and bought us the roommate favorite: Chocolate Silk. 
Now I wear clothes to lure my new roommates into a false sense of security.
Now it's the first day of a fresh, though still crisis-ridden semester. I'm learning that such is life.
Now I wear two belts: one for accessorization, and one to prevent yet another embarrassing underwear story.
Now I have dark blue fingernails with silver glitter accents. 
Now my mom is the awesomest and bought me a housewarming gift to try: 
Silk Nog--second only to Chocolate Silk
Now I'm figuring out that the left side of my face is more photogenic than the right side of my face. I think the webcam flips the image, but it doesn't really matter because all I see when I view these photos anyway are my beautiful sources of lactose-free calcium. Simple Pleasures.

Another Simple Pleasure: Halelujah, by Rufus Wainwright. Stick to the classics.


  1. They are not silver glitter accents. They are glamorous snow-tipped pines in a forgotten forest on an enchanted evening.



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