To do

All I want to do is learn songs on my guitar.

And my piano.

And arrange flowers.

And study the English language so I can come up with more creative word-plays.

And be an awesome cook.

And meet new people.

And memorize scriptures.

And take spontaneous hikes.

And run trails.

And learn to do something new.

Maybe mountain biking?
Or study Latin?

And blog.

I am seriously so blessed. I do almost all these things on a daily basis. I'm living the dream, but almost too much of the dream. I wouldn't change any part of my life if I could--but I would invest in a time-turner so I could add "sleep" and "awesome grades" to the list. That would be good. 

Anyone with me? I have $4.21 in cash, and I can sell all my pants to contribute to this time-turner fund, as long as I get custody on Wednesdays. Working on the patience thing over here.

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