San Diego made a punny, how 'bout you?

My brown brother Eric leaves for a two year vacation of the suit and nametag wearing variety this exact week. 

A few days ago he shot me a text, because he is great and knows how much I appreciate a good pun story:

"Laura. I thought of you today. I think i made a punny. My uncle said he would rather attend my farewell than go to a funeral he is attending. I said 'yeah it will be a little more lively.'"

And just like that, Eric San Diego will be getting a yummy package from me at ye olde Missionary Training Center. 

I am not hard to please, people. Think simple thoughts.

And this one from another friend. I don't think either of us realized it was pun material at the time, but now I think it's just grand:

"I have to work out every day or I'll go crazy. I love the feeling of lifting--it just...pumps you up. You know?"

Why yes, I do now. Pump those muscles. Pump 'em good.

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  1. I heard one today on a show called "Cupcake Wars" (yeah, I know...) Ready?

    "If you were on a baseball team, what would you play? First base, second base?"
    "I'm more of a batter."

    Sadly, my sister had to point it out to me.



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