Five Nonsensical Nuggets

things I love that will leave you shaking your head in incredulity

Budgeting: The perfect balance of numbers, organization, and thriftiness. I think these may also be the attributes of a boy scout.

Toast: And this is why I can't buy bread. But really.

Boredom: When you honestly can't think of anything you could be doing. That is a rare treat.

Stalking with a Purpose: I prefer to think of this as information collecting. It gives me a boost of energy and makes me feel like I have a mission in life.

Shot Glass Collections: I've never even bought a shot glass, and the most risque beverage I've ever downed was a cool Dr. Pepper. I feel as though shot glasses are sort of white trash, so I don't know why I find joy in them. Perhaps because my roommates won't stop buying them for me. I can't figure what it is about me that screams, "Give me shot glasses!" but I'll go with it.


  1. #5 - I almost bought you another one on vacation.

  2. #2 - My mom thinks by toasting bread you "get all the carbs out."

  3. #5 - There's no end in sight.



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