Punday Monday

Sure this week was full of fathers popping soda and myself feeling candied as I ate my very syrupy cherry pie before attending a concert featuring Bernstein’s Candide Overture, but the sweetest pun of all (ding!) touched me deeply today while sitting in the office, editing an annual report. I was the one sitting. The pun was actually upright.
I positively beamed with pride upon reading this one, and I’ve never even met the humble mastermind. Beamed, I tell you. It would be easy to believe the person I share working quarters with mumbled “weirdo,” but I prefer to suppose that in her own work she had happened upon a picture of an abnormally hairy educator and felt clever about dubbing him “beardo.”

Enjoy this picture and caption accompanying an article regarding students in the Renewable Energy program:

“These students are OUTSTANDING in their field.”
HAHA!! HAHAHA!!!!!!! 
Bah. Dumb. Ching.
The next person to produce a pun to draw tears from my ducts gets a feature the subsequent Punday Monday. I'm a little misty-eyed right now all over again. So proud.

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