Let's play a game

It's called 2 Truths and a Lie. You may have heard of it. I offer 3 (West Side!) statements. You decide what's real. Let's try this out.

1) I tried loco weed last night. Mmmm.....loco weed.

2) I saw a dog today.

2.5) My sunburn ate Ocean Potion for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second dinner. Then I shed a layer of skin. You may find a hollow shell of my body over there, on the ground. Ewww.

3) I am wearing pants.

    ANSWER KEY - beware: don't look at word "answer" for long. brain will 'splode.


*Disclaimer: Drugs are bad. Loco weed is a vegetable. Word of wisdom, people. Let's keep it.    


  1. Laura. You crack me up. Crack? Get it? Weed? Drugs? ok. done. :)

    Here are 3 for you.
    1. I share a birthday (same day, same year) with an orangutan at the Parrot Jungle in Florida.
    2. I have been hit by a truck whilst riding on a bike.
    3. I secretly sniff books and new shoes when no one's looking.


  2. Oh dang, that's hard! I'm going to guess the second one. The others are too specific. AmIRightAmIRight?

  3. Pants. Totally called it.

    Wearing pants = Overrated.

    Sophomore year strike.


  4. So does this mean no towels?

  5. I just giggled at this post out loud. For an abnormal amount of time.



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