Punday Monday

Today I spent hecka long hours in our delicious state capital city for training. 

I made besties with guuuurls who are ethnicly cooler than me and who I will never see again. I went shopping for hours with said just-met besties who I will never see again. Then I made a punny.

A girl in the group dropped her bag and out tumbled a roll of toilet paper.
said I. Three pun points for Laura.

Any recently cracked puns out there deserving of pun points? Comment up.You may be richly awarded with some p-p's of your own (grow up, children). If you got nothing, try harder and be a less lame human being. Next Punday is only 7 days away!


  1. oh heavens. i make the greatest (er.. worst.) puns ever. let's be friends.

  2. Dear Laura,

    Once upon a time, in my internship class in high school I started talking about a cruise or something. I said something about getting school credit because it was an internSHIP...haha get it? Well one of my friends didn't know what puns were so I tried to explain it to her and she was like "Oh, so like I went to Idaho, but I didn't get any potatoes?" Needless to say, she didn't understand...

  3. You know I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to the pun-making, but I just realized that if it weren't you or me in this situation, but was Dottie, she would have said: "Butter."

    I don't think this even qualifies as a pun. But it's a pretty good inside joke! Yes?

    I'm going to stop eating waffles for lunch.

  4. Ha ha! Hahahaha!!!!!!

    Not a pun.

    But an epic win.

    Yes Sarah, you beat me at my own game without even playing by my rules. Impressive ("now release your anger--you must have sensed that your friends are in danger." "Ow, why'd you slice off my hand?")

  5. Laura, "I'm a soulja, I'm low to the flowja. I thought I toldja."

    And I'm really glad you got the joke. Waiting to see Dottie's reaction...



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