I just found a tall glass of water.

Yes, I am writing a post about a water-bottle, of the promotional variety. That's disgusting.
I love this water-bottle. It is camelbak brand with the fancy squishy mouthpiece thing. I think we just celebrated our 1.5 month anniversary. Cheers.

The reason I love it so much is because I drink three times the water because it's so convenient: no awkward sucky noises, no need to tip the bottle up to get the water into your mouth....it's like zero effort--my favorite kind of effort. These are the reasons why water is so good and you should get this water-bottle in order to maximize your intake of said beverage:

1) You get to take substantially increased numbers of pee breaks during work, and work pee breaks are the best. That's probably not appropriate language for children. I'll maybe stop that.

2) Your face will clear right up if you guzzle this stuff. Really, try it. Plus, who doesn't want to guzzle? It just sounds like a good activity.

3) You'll feel like an athlete. Athletes drink water, right? Or you'll feel like a poser, which is less of a benefit but I guess it works if you like it as a reason.

4)  It'll fill your tummy up during those in-between meal times when you can't tell if you're hungry or not. You're not. You just need to guzzle a liter of water. Guzzle it.

5) Your mouth will cease to be parched, which is good for other activities as well I guess...


  1. For one, I hope this isn't a snide remark. :D I was going to tell you I love your face in this picture. Sincerely. I think it's a good picture and your hair is looking pretty perfect.

  2. Athletes do drink water!

    You sold me on this. I had considered getting this exact brand prior to even meeting you, but now you've got me. I just should make sure not to purchase the same color.

  3. Mine's dark blue. Stay away from that one or else. Or else I might accidentally put my mouth all over your water-bottle.



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