I feel crispy.

I should have been job hunting all day.

Instead, I cut and pasted for ages whilst baking on my white-trash deck in order to bring you the new header. Good thing our backyard is completely exposed to the street and all surrounding neighbors, and the deck is 30-feet up in the air so all objects thereon are by default pedestalized.

I used to sunbathe only after draping towels, blankets, and tablecloths over all sides for privacy (even though I practically dress like a nun when getting friendly with the ultraviolets). Then I moved out and got four female roommates. Now, back home, I have to remind myself that little boys don't think it's normal to change with the door open or skip freely from the shower to the bedroom whilst nakedly belting show tunes.
What privacy?

I do live such an oh-so-charmed sort of life.

'Whaaaaaat?' Moment of the Day:
"Laura, girls don't like boys who like girls, do they?"
-Lil' Brudda

(I secretly only added that segment to the end so I could use 
and bold 
all in one convenient location. Again, oh-so-charmed.)


  1. Sarah's thought process after reading the end of Laura's blog post:

    *catchy jingle*
    lil brudder: "I can make it on my own!"
    *homestar runner sobbing uncontrollably*

  2. Um, this is most definetely NOT Sarah's Dad. This is totally and completely Sarah, who is on her father's super awesome iPad, and who is also completely oblivious to the fact that it's her dad's google account. Don't be too creeped out. Or do. That's cool too.



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