I went camping last weekend! Soooooo good! My roommate Sarah and I gathered supplies (junk food, water bottles, and card games), printed off a map, and made the journey down to the can't-get-over-it unbelievably gorgeous parking lot by Fat Catz Bowling.

It was sort of grease nasty.
The ground was a bit hard for sleeping.
I need to practice beating pegs into asphalt.
But---we got free yogurt, and I would do it again.
Probably not.

Please note: creeper faces (you may want to click to enlarge for maximum creepacity, especially on #3), ghetto setup, and arrangement of the poles. I feel really good about my wilderness survival skills. It only fell in on us twice.

Journal entry:

Today I camped out in a parking lot in a ghetto tent to receive a year's supply of free frozen yogurt. 113 people showed up. 100 received the frozen yogurt. I was not one of those people.

We did, however, walk away with $20 gift certificates, sore backs, and only slightly wounded pride. I forgot to grab an extra sleeping bag, so we shared one on a single foam pad and cozied up under snuggies that our smarter roommates brought us before they went back to the apartment. We met some cool people. We watched Indiana Jones until 3:00 in the morning, until the violence and gore had numbed our minds and we couldn't remember what the plot was anymore. Somehow I woke up miles away from the pad on the cold, asphalt-hard ground. We couldn't find a single person in the state of Utah to give us a ride back. We felt like mighty homeless warriors lugging our haul up campus drive in our jammies. I now understand the novelty of a shopping cart. Please shopping cart man, don't be dead. You are a newfound inspiration to me.

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  1. 100 people camped out to get YOGURT? Goodness. The desperation of college students for food.



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